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Geographical Location

Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute is located in Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, surrounded by Shangfang Mountain and Stone Lake.

Suzhou is a renowned cultural, historic and tourist city. It is situated in the southeast of Jiangsu Province , bordering Shanghai on the east, Zhejiang Province on the south, the Taihu Lake in the west and the Yangtze River in the north.

Influenced by subtropical oceanic monsoon climate, Suzhou enjoys four distinct seasons, a mild temperature and abundant rainfall. With a network of rivers and canals as well as a fertile land, Suzhou is a well-known " Land of Fish and Rice", "Silk Capital", and enjoys a fame of " Paradise on Earth".

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189 Wuzhong Ave, International Education Park South, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Jiangsu