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· The conference of "the heritage people of Chinese intangible cultural heritage’s study and training program work summary" was held in Suzhou Arts and Design Technology College  
· Fashion Department Student Awarded Prize in the 8th International Model Competition  
· Educational Reform Achievements of Suzhou Art&Design Technology Institute Show Up at the Joint Exhibition  
· Yan Mo, the Nobel Prize Owner Inscribed for Alumni Association  
· France Da Vinci Ceramic Arts college’s delegation visited our college  
· Student Won the Third Prize in Jiangsu Province Division of 2015 National College Students English Speech Contest.  
· The Micro-Teaching Construction Meeting Is Held  
· The preparation of "Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage crowd training" in our institute accept the Ministry of Culture inspection  
· SADTI Shakes Hands with Gold Mantis Interior Decoration E Station  
· Good news: Six textbooks won the "2014 Excellent Teaching Material of China Light Industry 2014"  
· Dean of the school of Birmingham institute of art and design jewelry visited jewelry studio  
· Extremely Brilliant--- Slovak State Philh. Kosice is Invited to Give New Year’s Concert 2015  
· The Institution of Taohuawu Woodblock New Year Pictures Participates the “Special Exhibition” in Hangzhou  
· Blitz Film Festival in Suzhou Art and Design Technology Institute  
· Artists from Suzhou Art and Design Technology Institute Have Motivated the Transformation and Upgrading of Suzhou Embroidery  
· Student Association Construction Conference was Held in Our College  
· The Institute wins the second prize of campus cultural construction in 2004  
· “Share, Exchange, and Integrate”--- the 1st “Design Culture” Forum Held by the Industrial Design Department  
· Department Foundation of Fashion Department organized the "Materials" curriculum development report  
· Students of the Advertising Studio of Visual Communication Department win the Fist Place in Graffiti competition  
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