The Open-Exhibition Week For 2011 of ID

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On the afternoon May 26th, 2011, The Open-Exhibition Week 2011 of Industrial Design opened formally in the exhibition section C02. President Wang Jianliang, vice president Sun Lihua and Cao Xueming, head of the Department of Industrial Design Pu Lijian , Party branch secretary Chen Jun, vice head of the Department Qin Huaiyu and business industry representatives attended the opening ceremony;the department staff and students participated. The opening ceremony was officiated by Party branch secretary Chen Jun.

President Wang Jianliang delivered a warm speech, in his speech he showed congratulation on the opening weeks and thanks to the teachers’ careful preparation and participation, confirmed the school-enterprise cooperation, the reform of education and teaching, the students’ spirit of actively practice and innovation capacity, expressed his best wishes for the graduates. Head of Pu Lijian gave us an overview of introduction in majors, curriculum reform and this exhibition week. Subsequently, representative of industries and enterprises in Jiangsu (Tai Cang) LOFT Industrial Design Park, Assistant General Manager Mr. Wu Jinli, teacher representative Cao Yihua and student representative of 2008 Guo Feng made ​​each statement. Finally, the vice president Cao Xueming announced the opening Week Exhibition 2011 with the Industrial Design! Flowers were blooming over the exhibition hall, teachers and students were all in high spirits and enthusiasm. Youth and warm words with rock and roll music resounded through the exhibition hall!

The Open-Exhibition Week of Industrial Design Department is separated a total of 5 exhibition sections:

The first section is in museum gallery. Featured the school-enterprise cooperation, work and study results, showed cases in the past year our department and the Japanese-funded enterprises in Suzhou and Ina Ceramic Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd., Taiwan-funded enterprises Teng Yang Kunshan Metal Products Co.,Ltd., Wan Bao Trade Co.,Ltd., Suzhou Jing Le Medical Device Co., Ltd, , Changshu Mahogany Furniture Association, Suzhou Lizhi Weiye Model Manufacturing Co., Ltd and so on, the educational reform achievements in industry-university cooperation projects.

Second, the 8 show rooms in North Building C02 galleries display the results of the basis of first-year teaching, including individual students’ and excellent teaching painting designs, showing the innovation and reform results in basic teaching.

Third, the professional class in B09, exhibited the direction of second-year small specialized teaching, including the outstanding teaching documents and so on, showing the acquired results in the "topic + project " teaching.

Fourth, Graduation Exhibition in the south tower lobby C02, more than 140 graduate design sets, reflected the outcomes of three years learning.

Fifth, the students show a self-Street, including toys exhibition area, personal style area, hand-made interactive areas and so on. The display of the original cloth fabric and wooden jigsaw toys, woodcut prints, watercolors, calligraphy, photography cards, hand mini-track, handmade paper art and so on. These associations and individual professional works shows the freshmen and sophomores’ learning results in the second class. The authors’ unique theme promoted creativity and innovation of the good life philosophy, offering us a creative and visual feast, reflecting the outcomes of the students’ quality education.

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