2011’ Exhibition Week of Students’ Works Opens

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May 26, 2011 --- 2011’ exhibition week of students’ works opens. This kind of exhibition is held annually in Suzhou Art and Design Technology Institute and always last for a whole week. So the week is called Exhibition Week. In the week, students put their satisfactory works on display according to different themes, which are organized by different departments respectively. The initiative is to inspire students to produce more good works, especially in their field. This week, more than 10,000 pieces are exhibited. Moreover, Exhibition Week of this year has got an extensive street of DIY market as an additional part of exhibition, in which students can sell their works to those who take interest in.

As a branch of 2011’ Exhibition, Decorative Art department held its opening ceremony at 13:30, May 26. The dean hosts the ceremony and the president of the college, some leaders of the city, some distinguished experts and guests, professors, teachers and students present in the ceremony and appreciate the works.

In the Exhibition Week, students display their own works, appreciate others’, and learn each other. In the DIY market, students change their works into products, and sell them. In this way, they see the charm of their products and check their creating ability. It is a great opportunity for students to learn, to make progress and to inspire them to learn more. The Exhibition will be held annually in future. All guests are welcomed.

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