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 In College annual open display week of 2011, under the guide of "the students' display street" committee and the federation of students, All display items are neat and orderly exhibited in the cupboard in the open ceremony, such as beautiful clothes, delicate pendants, fashionable scarf, and practical and delicate hand bag and so on. All display items are attractive to the visitors. The college leaders bought many students’ manual products, and gave them great encouragement and support. 
   In the first day of display week, each display team of Fashion Dept achieved great sales. The prominent sales items are hand-made bag, the manual accessories, cloth art, scarves, knitting scarf, Taobao costumes. The excellent team can reach the sales volume to 3,000 RMB and the average team can also reach to several hundred RMB. After carefully calculating, the whole Fashion Dept’s sales volume is near to 10,000 RMB. Some display items are out of stock such as custom crush, hand bag, knitting scarf .Students need to reproduce it in the evening to ensure the sales in the next day.
   Good sales have greatly encouraged students' enthusiasm in starting careers. In the three day’s sales, the total sales amount reach to 17,000 RMB and the effects of display activities are greater than expecting. 
   Under the principle of "business, communication, connection". Everyone who joins this group diligently take its responsibility. Students actively attend and teachers carefully cultivate and guide. All the efforts contribute to the great success of Display Street. The leaders of Fashion Dept encourage all the participants should cooperate and coordinate each other to complete this great task. The guide teachers include zhao Jing, Ceng Yurong, Chen Gongjuan, Xu Jiajuan, ZhangYuhua etc, they dedicate all their talents to completing each project. From the design and production of exhibiting furniture to paint and exhibit, the whole process contains students and teachers’ efforts and painstaking. The display street activities are designed to show senior and junior students' professional abilities, personal qualities and good spirits, train students creativity and individuality, and enhance the students’ extraordinary personality and improve their innovative sense. The display street also improves student’s abilities in communication and sales skills and train them with strong career consciousness. Finally the display street will create an excellent innovative team in Fashion Dept and also create the quality professional nurturing showroom.

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