The Shining Opening of 2011’ Exhibition Week

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  At 9:00 o’clock of May 26th, 2011, the Exhibition Week of the Department of Environment Design opened formally in the Hall of B04 Building. All the department staff and students participated in this opening ceremony, which was officiated by Party branch secretary Zhou Donghua. Dean of the department Ping Guo’an presented a warm speech. He praised all the teachers’ and students’ hard preparation work and also showed his best wishes for this exhibition!
   In front of the Art Gallery at 10:00 o’clock, President of our institute Wang Jianliang declared loudly the students’ work to be started on show. The students began their display all in great spirits. Some of the exhibition work were really eye-catching, such as the crystal chains made by Wei Feng, the oil-painting drawed by Hu Bowen, the mable statue created by Yang Yang, etc.. All these works were made by their own. Moreover, some students even displayed their work on site, which really attracted the passersby much. Many institute leaders and teachers were amazed a lot by these work and bought some.
   The theme of this exhibition week was “Creation”. Most of the students’ works did fully lay out their creating ability. During this exhibition, they would appreciate much from each other ,and surely promote their creating inspiration a lot. Undoubtedly this exhibition week would be a great success!

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