Paris International Lingerie Show 2011

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  Paris International Lingerie Show 2011 spring and summer color and design trends underwear spring and summer 2011 release date underwear color: The charm of memory, soft colors, complex material combinations. Topic 1: Wake-up trend is full of strong memories of the atmosphere, technology innovation, soft and nostalgic thoughts, complex structure, digital printing, jacquard, bold tone, subtle feathering effect, high-quality cotton and silk blends. Until the final, fine clothes, luxury line, is the temptation to express the eternal return. Theme 2: antidote: happiness never is legalistic. Quality has nothing to do with reason, is the color that evokes passion. Printing of the outbreak, geometric lines of the wind, India flowers, kitsch folk music, cartoon effects, and simple rustic charm of the original creation full of collage, life, celebration, fun ideas, the impact of beach clothing, tribal culture, traditions, passion and gentle, all these are based on strong lines.  Theme 3: Oasis pleasant breath of fresh air and sunshine. On the one hand, Gauguin Mountain exotic rich natural, lush foliage and beach wear patterns. On the other hand, the desert scene, the original embroidery, Berber stripes, antique lace, Uzbekistan Ica and metal tones.  Theme 4: New luxury nature, implied or city with a dramatic rough mad, so grandiose and stunning.

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