Activities of Art and Culture Festival of ID

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  To improve student's well-being index, learn to return to the community, rich culture and art activities, on May 16, 2011, the Industrial Design Department successfully held " Wishing Column "activities. The activities included a "campus beautiful moment" photo contest, "Happy Wishing column"  handmade lamp posts show, "Love continuation" ——visits to the school for migrant children, blind and deaf school, beadhouse and so on .
  After a month's efforts, yesterday the students of ID displayed five handmade lamp posts at the student square, including a large one and four small ones . From frame to plush,  all the decorative works were completed by the members of Toy Club. The four small lamp posts were covered with pictures showing "The Continuation of Love" ;the large one was covered with students' wishes. In addition, there were a few entries of "The Good Moment of Campus" photo contest hanging on the line between the lamp posts. A lot of students participated in these colorful activities , and many of them rushed to vote for their favourite photographs, pushing the activities to a climax.
  The activities benefited students a lot ,developing their creative thinking, enhancing their practical ability, helping them build up positive views of life, increasing their Awareness of repaying the school and the society.

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