"Landscape Design Frontier"——a Successful Seminar

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 The afternoon of September 15, Environmental Art Department of the landscape professional guest Suzhou Foundation Director of Environmental Art Design Institute, ​​Mr. Li Zhengtian made a wonderful lecture entitled "cutting-edge landscape design - landscape design home and abroad excellent case study". Environmental Art Department of Landscape Design second and third year students and some teachers attended the seminar . The lecture was chaired by the Department of Environmental Art teacher Mr.Yang liu.     

  Mr. Li Zhengtian, Master of Landscape Architecture Department of Tongji University, senior landscape engineer, worked in landscape design firm EDAW United States for five years and has extensive expertise and industry experience. Mr. Li first talked about the perspective of the professional landscape at home and abroad the difference between professional disciplines and the prospect of the sort, then selected a number of cases of domestic and foreign outstanding landscape design experience combined with his detailed presentation. He believes that the pursuit of natural, simple, beautiful and harmonious visual effect will be China's future landscape trends. He also introduced some video of his business experience and entering the workplace, put forward his own views on the importance of teamwork in the workplace . He urged the students to understand their goals, find their own ways of learning after graduation to find a suitable platform in order to have greater development.    

  Students listen attentively and thinking, and actively ask questions to Li, director of communication, the lecture ended in the bursts of applause.

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