Mid-Autumn Party of Environmental Art Department

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  September 12, 2011, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival. To make the new students of Environment Art Department feel Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day of the festive atmosphere, feel the warmth of our college, the party branch of the department' and the students union well organized environment art department "to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, meeting the 'Moon'" as the theme of the 2011 Mid-Autumn evening in front of the college library at 7 p.m. The counselor Xu Yao of new students, Environmental Art Department of the Communist Youth League secretary Hu Faqiang participated in the evening as well.
  After a simple opening introduction, a variety of programs came into everyone's eye: wonderful dancing, magic show, songs skewers, the students enjoyed the show while eating the sweet moon cakes, feeling more home-like warmth, Among the programs, the games and lucky draw, songs solitaire made the evening party full of laughter, A new student happened to be the birthday that day. All the students at present sang the birthday song for him . so he spent an unforgettable birthday. The whole party scene is full of warm atmosphere, joy and blessing.
  "Sing your passion, out of your hands, let me embrace your dream, you really let me have a face, let's smile full of youthful pride, so we look forward to tomorrow will be better ..." the ultimate party ended in this classic song melody ...
  Tonight the moon more brighter, the good life of the university will begin from the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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