ID Students Finished Their Internship in Hasbro

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 At the invitation of Hasbro ,from July 14 to August 26,students Lv Yanyan and Peng Lijing from Industrial Design Department went to Shenzhen Co., Ltd. for a six-week summer internship,to assist designers with toy design and development. As one of the 500 toppest world's enterprises, Hasbro, the world leader in the toy industry, is a multinational corporation with Greatest international Influence. During the internship,the two students had a profound knowledge of the development of Hasbro. Under the guidance of design manager Lodi, they had further understanding of pre-school children's toys.  Lodi also showed them around Shenzhen A-TEECH Toy version of the factory, and let them contact closely with today's advanced version of the model process. Students also participate in drawing product design sketches, product four views, assisting the designers to complete color information, drawing schedules and other work, and join the monthly brainstorming session in this company. Discussing the development toys in the drama "Elf in a can" . During the internship, interns enhance the professional skills, enhance team spirit and ability to communicate, understand the mode of operation of multinational companies.

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