Professor Li Chaode Gave Lectures in Our School

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In the morning of October 17th , Professor Li Chaode from Art and Design school of Suzhou University was invited to deliver a lecture entitled " fashion Culture and design education" for the national training classes' students . More than 180 students from Vocational trainees and Tibetan classes were listening to the lecture . The lecture is in the national training program established by the arrangements , designed to give school teacher 's guidance , to enhance their theoretical level , to broaden their academic horizons , to cultivate their overall quality , and to promote the continuous improvement of knowledge and skills of their teaching level . Huanghai , vice president of Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute , presided over the lecture .

Professor Li began with the interpretation of the fashion , fashion culture , art and design. He explained the following five aspects: the capacity factors , design education , design era , western design education , design education of education positioning culture and design trends . He illustrated in detail the tasks and objectives of university education , the relationship between fashion culture and university design education . With his higher foothold and a broad perspective sight, the professor leaded the listeners to understand the Chinese and foreign creative industries , the development of foreign design education . Meanwhile, he also analyzed how intelligence factors and non- intellectual factors work in design . Finally, he pointed out that the design increasingly focus on the integrated development of cross-border , artistic and tasteful fashion culture and design education.
The lecture ended with a thought-provoking conclusion. The lecture is informative, enlightening and even a bit entertaining which is important to promote the students clearly understanding of the status of our design education and the future mission.

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