Students of the Advertising Studio of Visual Communication Department win the Fist Place in Graffiti competition

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In the December 17th, a Graffiti Competition “Dare to, draw!” was held in Suzhou Industrial Park by Jinfeng Advertising Industrial Park which is the only national advertising industrial park in Suzhou area. This competition attracted nearly a hundreds of students from advertising companies and colleges to participate. The work “Street Life” of students from advertising studio of visual communication department of our college won the fist place, highlighting the strong expertise and artistic accomplishment of our students

This graffiti competition was mainly designed to promote the advertising industry, giving full play to the player's creativity and performance and allowing self-organizing teams. The TYBOYS team from our college was made up by four students who are Xie Guangmei, Qiu Guangheng, Ma Jiajun and Tang Zhongfuin. They have excellent performance in the competition, waving their brush with passion and creativity and add a dash of color to the winter. Finally, their work “Street Life” won the championship and the praise from all the judges and other participants.

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