Department Foundation of Fashion Department organized the "Materials" curriculum development report

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December 22nd to 29th, following the last round of "modeling studies" normal show, the department foundation of Fashion Department conduct collective presentation and exchange of reports about “materials” course.

"Materials" course continues the theme of modeling research stage, is a preliminary study and interpretation of the results of further transformation. From the perspective of a comprehensive, focus on teaching materials to start the experiment, experience material changes occur in a variety of techniques and uncertainty; and interactive experience difference between the materials; try subjective material processed, appropriate to express their own thing: organizational structure characteristics of knowledge and experience, so commonplace ordinary material to show new perspective and attitude in the artistic expression of creativity. The process of teaching has always been around themes, focusing on thinking, coherence, karma, and promote students to observe, analyze, transformation and leaps on ability.

School leaders and teachers visited the exhibition, while affirming the teaching achievements, they also discussed the design details and basic relations and professional exchange programs between the discussion.

This teaching shows, combing the teachers themselves about teaching ideas, deepen the theme of the basic teaching philosophy, and further promote the communication with the collision between the ideas of the faculty, the teaching activities gave teachers teaching with a good source of inspiration, the basis of the Department will continue to carry out such a meaningful teaching activities.


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