“Share, Exchange, and Integrate”--- the 1st “Design Culture” Forum Held by the Industrial Design Department

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The 1st “Design Culture” Forum held by the Industrial Design Department on Jan. 5th was a great success. More than 300 students and teachers from the Department participated the forum. Vice President Zhang Hua, Director of Publicity Wen Yan were also invited.

The forum aimed to share, exchange, and integrate different views and ideas on the theme “Design Culture” from both students and teachers, which could also be an inspiration for the promotion of teaching and learning. Five teachers and three students from the department delivered their speeches from different perspectives. The topics and speakers of the keynote speeches are as follows:

Toy design and culture Que Wen

Future, digital, culture, and design--- Nonlinear digital aided design Zhang Yu

The possibility of Industrial Design in the Car Networking Era Qiu Chunlai

How far are we away from “Design in China” Zhang wenkang (student)

Exchange and Discussion

“Design Culture” and “Cultural Design” Ma Yuanya (student)

Let’s talk about interdisciplinary Liu Ziming (student)

A look into the “Whole-person education” in Hongkong and Taiwan Liu Tao

What makes a good designer? Du Xuejuan (host)

Exchange and Discussion

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