Student Association Construction Conference was Held in Our College

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On the afternoon of January 7th Student Association Construction Conference was held in the middle-level cadres conference room. This conference aimed to discuss the construction of curriculum system of competence-oriented education and the goal of fostering students’ fully development, constructing harmonious environment, guiding the Students Association into the healthy and orderly path. In order to make greater contribution in the promotion of quality education, servicing the college students and realizing the connotation development, Party Committee Secretary Mr Wang attended this meeting and the secretaries of several departments were also present at the meeting including the Office of Academic Affairs, Publicity Department, Student Affairs Office,Public Art Center, Mental Health Centers, libraries, Youth League Committee and the sub committee, Student Association. Associate Dean Mrs Zhang chaired the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, delegates attending the meeting watched the propaganda film of student associations and the supervisor of Communist Youth League Mr Zhou Shanhua first reported the situation and progress of the associations’ construction. Mrs Zhang Guifang introduced the the situation and experience of Lake Drama Club from 2007 to2014 representatives from various departments discussed the drafts of "executive opinion on the further strengthening of the construction of student association " and "association management approach", "star association appraisal method” and “association project declaration procedures" and "association funds management approach".

Secretary Wang delivered an important speech, he first affirmed the achievement of student association construction made by the joint efforts of everyone, encouraged us to make persistent efforts and overcome difficulties. From the perspective of competence- oriented education he analyzed the importance of constructing the student associations. He stressed out that student associations is the vital vehicle of campus culture and an important part of second class. To assist the student associations to play a more active role in the promotion of college culture and quality education all involved parties are supposed to work together integrating the resource and stimulating the healthy development of student associations. Moreover the college is supposed to participate in the top design, coordinate the force of all fields and establish a systematic and effective resource incentive system in order to make rational use of limited associations resources and establish and support a number of professional associations, support the construction of a number of public welfare organizations and build quality activities. Secretary Wang also pointed out the positive role of student associations played in the fusion curriculum system construction and put forward the guiding opinion of associations differentiation management . At the same time, Associate Dean Mrs Zhang Hua issued several guidance on community building. She stressed that we should bein a down-to-earth manner to actively advancethe work of association construction, focus on the implementation of differentiation management and standardize all kinds of student associations . under the framework.

This conference set a milestone of the history of the student associations in our college, which marked the new journey of our student association construction and pointed out the direction of construction work. It alsogreatly mobilized the enthusiasm of students association prosperity in the campus culture.

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