Blitz Film Festival in Suzhou Art and Design Technology Institute

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On the evening of November 19th , BLITZ FILM FESTIVAL was held in our performing hall. This screening activity added humanism on campus and enriched the students' extracurricular activities. It also cultivated the students’ tastes, strengthened their innovation consciousness and promoted their comprehensive development. Artists, Karsten and Martina, came to the festival, and our teachers and students participated in this event actively.


The BLITZFILM Festival is a screening program of German films which tours through China yearly. All entries in Blitz Film Festival are all selected from FILM WEITERSTADT Festival in Germany which aims to explore outstanding German emerging directors. The entries are mostly short films, including a variety of documentaries, animations, short films , music videos , etc. which represent the highest level of the German short films in for the current year.


Karsten introduced nearly 20 films such as"SILK", "SHOOT", "Velo Mystery" and so on. These films showed the unique characteristic of the art of contemporary German independent film in a variety of ways.After the screening, our teachers and students communicated actively with the German artist KARSTEN, sharing the film culture and their experience.


BLITZFIM is a key to self-recognition and cultural exchange for Chinese audiences by the images and sound. And it’s also a roving screening activity, just liking an experiment on the relationship between art and society. "BLITZ" introduces contemporary German culture to Chinese audiences , focusing on the diversity and experimental of films.


The festival was successfully held in our institute and broadened the students’ horizons, enhancing the cultural communication. Such surreal production concept, sprouting creativity, intensive sensory stimuli and novel film gave the students an appreciation of various cultural process of different countries with its unique perspective and bold imagination,and brought more inspirations to our teachers and students.





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