The Institution of Taohuawu Woodblock New Year Pictures Participates the “Special Exhibition” in Hangzhou

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Recently, the Taohuawu institution has taken part in the “special exhibition of Chinese woodblock new year pictures” in West Lake Museum until March 5th. The exhibition collects more than 200 representative works from Taohuawu (Suzhou), Yangliuqing, (Tianjin), Wuqing (Hebei), Zhuxian town (Henan), Yangjiabu (Shandong), Mianzhu (Sichuan), Jiangzhou (Shanxi) and Tantou (Hunan). The institution director Hua Lijing presents a piece of workHundreds of Childrento the Westlake Museum on behalf of our institute.

During the exhibition, young artists from eight places will give dynamic performance and send to visitors. In January 10th, Students from Taohuawu took their turn and impressed visitors with the full structure, the theatrical design, bright colors and smooth lines of Taohuawu New Year Pictures.

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