Dean of the school of Birmingham institute of art and design jewelry visited jewelry studio

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On January 17, by the invitation of the jewelry studio of Suzhou Arts&Design Technology Institute, professor Norman Cherry gave Suzhou jewelry lovers a lecture in the theme of "Transportation" which he had prepared seven years in the exhibition. Decorative art director Zhou Qing and Jewelry studio teachers team participated in the event.

Mr Norman Cherry served as the former Dean of jewelry departemnt of Birmingham institute of art and design, Dean of the school of design, construction and the media of Lincoln university, Lincoln university vice-chancellor. He was also a jewelry artist and curator, royal Scottish arts council members. He had bee a guest professor at Nanjing Arts Institute and other universities. < Jewellery Design and Development> is the required books for many jewelry professional students.

The lecture was mainly to introduce the "narrative jewellery". Told the story behind the original jewelry - perhaps from material, homemade process or people who wearing it. Such a jewelry containing a story always let the viewer in a more emotional resonance. The lecture given by professor Norman Cherry not only tell the story of the artist but also explore the importance and necessity of human sense of belonging. Students learned how the artists transfered these materials and the production process into artistic language in the whole process, as well as about the importance of arts and crafts. Then professor Norman Cherry answered some questions about the jewelry. Finally, professor Norman Cherry visited the jewelry studio of SGMART, and gave great praise for the workshop, commented favourably on the current conditions of the studio.

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