Good news: Six textbooks won the "2014 Excellent Teaching Material of China Light Industry 2014"

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Recently, under the China light industry federation approval, its education section conducted the corresponding declaration and evaluation work of “China light industry outstanding teaching material" to national light industry professional colleges and universities. The work lasted one year, and gping through the formulation review system, establishing the evaluation expert database, application of recommendation, expert review, the judges review, and publishing the results online. The end result had been released, and there was a total of 41 undergraduate colleges and 44 higher vocational colleges, 8 secondary school and 34 publications recommending and participating in the competition. Finally, the first prize in the teaching material was 45 pieces, and the second prize was 68 pieces, the third prize was 109 pieces.

Six teachers of our college who were editor in chief of the teaching material, respectively, won one first prize, four second prizes and one third prize. The editor of Zhou Chao, Ma Xuhong won the first prize by "The law of transboundary cooperation subject course - pipe".

Xu Su and Xu Xueman who were editor of “The clothing design basis - thematic teaching and practice (second edition) "won the second prize. Wang Weishan editor won the scond prize by “The graph creativity training”. Ping Guoan and LIu Jianhua who were editor of “the interior construction technology and management (second edition) " won the second prize. Chen ping, editor of "Comprehensive performance and design of theme - another way of observation” won the second prize. Yang Haitao won third prize by "Fabricated animation role creative thinking" won third prize.

Teaching material is the knowledge carrier of teaching contents and teaching methods, which is to deepen the reform of the college education teaching. It is theimportant guarantee of "pluralistic integration, comprehensive education ecological cultivation system" . In recent years, college staffes attaches great importance to the teaching material construction, introducing the specification of teaching material management files, and effectively improve teaching quality through fine construction of teaching material. We will continue to combine various teaching unit characteristics in construction of teaching material, promote the combination of teaching material construction and personnel training, and strive for success again in the future.


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