The preparation of "Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage crowd training" in our institute accept the Ministry of Culture inspection

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Our institute asthe first batch ofnon-genetic order ofthe trainingpilot units in Ministry of Culture,willconducta one-monthtraining inJiangsu Province-based non-traditional artheritage itemscommonheritage ofthe crowd.The training periodto recruitnuclear carving,embroiderytwo professionalclasses.

July 7,Deputy Director ofthe Ministry of CultureIntangible Cultural HeritageDivision ofAdministrationZhang Xiaoli,the Ministry of CultureHeritageDivision ofthe non-managementcadreYue Qing,ChinaIntangibleCultural Heritage Protection CentercadresZhang Tianman,Provincial Department of CultureIntangible Cultural HeritagecadreZhang Lei,as well asnon-SuzhouheritageOffice DirectorLi Hongand her partycame to myschool, checkedthe preparatory workfortraining courses.

Deputy party directorCao Xueming,Director ofcontinuing educationWu Jianhua, Director ofDecorativeArt DepartmentZhou Qing in our schoolreported the work.

Deputy Director Wuused PPT,reportedtraining courses,managementpreparation,admissionscases, the resultsenvisagedand otherhighlightsfor thetraineesdesigntraining manuals, and aftercompletion of trainingfor long-termtrackingofteaching arrangements.

Minister Liintroduced thepresent situationin cooperation with thecollegeenrollment,a shortage ofnon-heritagestudentsdo,and madeoutstanding worksof studentswill participate innext year'sFairenvisagedSuzhou.

According tothe Ministry of Culture’s training requirements,Director Cao talkedthetraining coursesfor traineessought"strongfoundation, expandtheir horizons,"for theaudience crowd,tailor-madecourses.The training processandstrictmanagement,the whole video,and strive tobuild a number ofexcellent trainingcourses.Meanwhile,healso pointed out thatattendanceof students,certificateforms, etc.,also need toproject authoritiesto providemore support.

Director Zhang satisfied with the overallarrangementof our school:proposedthe formation ofasystem,takeappropriate teachingmethods toaddress the coreissueof training.He is hoping toenhance the attractiveness ofthe course,the classcohesion,to raise theirsense of belonging.

After the meeting,Zhangand his party, accompanied bythe leadersof Continuing EducationDepartment and Decorative ArtDepartment to viewthetrainingspace, agreed with theplacesforgood teachingand living environment.

"ChineseIntangibleCultural Heritagecrowdtraining" is intendedby theart foundation,design basis,designand culturalknowledge and skillsoflearning, improvebasic art, strengthenawareness ofparticipants to designand improve the overallqualityof students, expanding thecreativeheritage ofthe crowdvision,promotion of moderntransformationof traditionalcraftskills.Underthe guidance and care ofthe leadership ofour school,the trainingwill be able toa successful conclusion.

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