The Micro-Teaching Construction Meeting Is Held

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The Institute’s micro-teaching construction meeting (2015) focused on research and implementation was held successfully on Jul. 9th. Secretary of the Party Committee Wang Jianliang, President Liao Jun, Vice President Huang Hai, Vice President Liu Ting, Deputy Director of the Administration Office, Deans from the Departments, and related teachers attended the meeting.

As a key project of the Institute’s teaching construction program, micro-teaching has shown its increasing advantages. At the meeting, seven speakers from different departments made an explicit elaboration about micro-teaching from the perspectives of teaching plan, script writing, and information gathering. Case studies were also presented and discussed at the meeting.

“We need to better understand the meaning of ‘Micro-teaching’ from the level of education techniques, ‘micro’ here refers to the important, difficult, and doubtful ‘points’ we need to pay attention to while teaching, thus the aim of ‘micro-teaching’ is to solve certain points.” , asSecretary of the party committeeWang Jianliang commented.

Vice president Huang Hai pointed out the importance of instructional design. “Outline, questions, difficult points, and assignments should be addressed in micro-teaching.”, he said.

For the last three years, our teachers have made great achievements in the National Micro-Teaching Competition, including one national third prize and one honorable mention in 2013, and three national third prizes in 2014.





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