France Da Vinci Ceramic Arts college’s delegation visited our college

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February 25, teachers and students from France Da Vinci Ceramic Arts college arrived in our college for eight days exchange visit, and the exchange was on the theme of traditional Chinese ceramic art study tours.


Accompanied by college handmade arts faculty Gu Xiaolan and Deputy Director of International Cooperation Dept Sun Li, the delegation visited the Suzhou golden brick factory and Suzhou Museum. Subsequently, the delegation came to college-enterprise cooperation unit-college students practice base Yixing Zijing purple-pot plant for the production of teaport in one-weeks internship teapot. After a week's visit, teachers and students had a comprehensive understanding of purple-pot production processes and various production techniques. Under the guidance and demonstration by Yixing local master, members of delegation tried to create a teapot. Next, they would go to the ceramics capital- Jingdezhen for the next exchange study. French teachers and students were left a deep impression on the traditional Chinese ceramic art in this trip. They had intuitive experience on Chinese ceramic art and gained a lot. They would try to combine Yixing ceramic art with its own pottery art and look forward to further exchanges and cooperation with our college

Visited Suzhou golden brick factory


Visited Yixing Dragon Kilin and learned the technique


France students made purple-pot


France students made purple-pot


France students made purple-pot









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