Yan Mo, the Nobel Prize Owner Inscribed for Alumni Association

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The 60’s works exhibition will be held in April, 28th when the schoolfellow will participate in a series of related activities, and at present everything is under arrangement. Graduated in 1958 and majored in Chinese Drawing, Mingyi Yang, the famous painter denoted a number of previous works. Invited by Mingyi Yang, the Nobel Prize owner and the famous writer Yan Mo will inscribe for“Wisteria Bloom”alumni association activities in Suzhou Art and Design Technology.

Wisteria is the root of the art school. In 1958, Suzhou Arts and Crafts School was located by the southwest part of the Humble Administrator’s Garden. In the garden, the wisteria, planted by Zhengming Wen, the famous painter, litterateur in Ming Dynasty, has flourished over 400 years as well as symbolizes the prosperous and quiet humanity. Many excellent artists have been trained in Suzhou Arts and Crafts School. In 1987, the school was moved to HuQiu where the wisteria spirits has been retained for 20 years. With the development of the School, the modern technology has been integrated with the traditional arts, which expounds the school’s art dream which is “chasing for truth, beauty and creativity”. In 2006, the school was transferred to Suzhou International Education Park which is surrounded by Shangfang Mountains and Shihu Lake. A new age of school has begun. A modern, ecological and digital campus has come to build. In 2008, when the 50th anniversary was approaching, the alumni association was set up. At present, there are 14 branches. In 2011, suggested by the schoolfellow, on the 3rd teachers’ representative meeting it was agreed that the alumni association was named as “wisteria bloom”. Since 2012, every year on April 28th, the “wisteria bloom” activities have played an important role in the campus culture.

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