Educational Reform Achievements of Suzhou Art&Design Technology Institute Show Up at the Joint Exhibition

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Jiangsu Art Vocational Education Group, Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute, Vocational Institute of Nanjing University of Arts, School of Arts & Design of Nanjing Institute of Industry and Technology, and Humanistic Art Department of Nantong Vocational Institute of Shipping jointly organized theExhibitionofBasic Courses of Arts & Design, and theVocational Education Reform Forumtoday (January 9) at Nanjing University of Arts.

The opening ceremony ( held at the Art Museum) involved the following key figures and experts in vocational education, among themwere: Xie Li (Vice Inspector of Department of Vocational and Adult Education of Ministry of Education); Xu Jian (Investigator of Department of Vocational and Adult Education of Ministry of Education); Ding Xiaochang (Deputy Director and Deputy Secretary of CPC of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education); Guan Xiangqun (Secretary of the CPC of Nanjing University of Arts) and He Xiaoyou (Vice President of Nanjing University of the Arts). Liao Jun, President of Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute gave a speech on behalf of all those took part in the Exhibition and Forum.

Centered onthe duties and boundaries of vocational education of arts & design, and the theme ofthe Apocalypse of Design—Multi-Meaning Form, the achievements of the basic courses of theA Tale of Two Cities (Suzhou and Nanjing)andDance & Shadowwere displayed at the exhibition.The exhibition gave the students from the four institutes a great chance to communicate with each other and learn how to produce creative ideas under different local cultures. A series of works, including3×3×3 Spatial Evolution, Beginning with Human Being as the Scale and Paper∙Energy,were also displayed.

The works from Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute were a selection of 47 pieces of works, jointly made by 156 students from 10 classes, respectively from the Environmental Art Department, the Visual Transmission Department and the Fashion Engineering Department, under the guidance of 10 teachers in two months. Itwasa beneficial attempt to combine theme lead-in and cultural design with the curriculum.

The seminar onVocational Education Reform of Arts & Crafts were held at the Vocational School of Nanjing University of Arts, including four sessions:vocational education reform,visual transmission design, environmental art designanddigital media & product design. The leaders and experts concerned delivered related speeches, namely:Stones From Other Hills May Serve to Polish the Jade of This One- An Investigation On Arts Education of France BTSby Liu Ting (Vice-president ofSuzhou Art & Design Technologyinstitute);Exploration of the Visual Transmission Teachingby Pu Junyi (Dean of the Visual Transmission Department);A Talk on the Tale of Two Citiesby Liu Yi (teacher with the Visual Transmission Department);The roots and Soul of Designby Wang Hanqing (teacher with the Environmental Art Department);Industrial Teaching Reform and Practiceby Li Cheng (Dean of the Industrial Design Department); andProgram-DrivenModel and Color Workshop Curriculum Reformby Ai Honjun (teacher with the Digital Arts Department). Presentations and discussions by other experts were about the construction of modern vocational education system, the exploration on linkage mechanism in vocational education, the orientation and development of vocational education, andresearch on school-enterprise cooperation and construction.

The joint programs and exhibitions, characterized by multidimensional design, thinking and display, well demonstrated the sparks of design and creativity of the teachers and students, and achievements of explorations in education reform. Thus, our thoughts on the communication and collaboration across different levels and sectors in vocational education reform will become clearer, and whichwillin turn ensure a sustainable and successful vocational education reform in the teaching of basic courses in the next phase.

Ding Xiaochang, Deputy Director and Deputy Secretary of CPC of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education declares the opening the Exhibition & Forum

Guan Xiangqun, Secretary of the CPC of Nanjing University of Arts delivers his speech.

Liao Jun, President of Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute delivers his speech.

Xie Li, Vice Inspector of Department of Vocational and Adult Education of Ministry of Education delivers his speech at the sub-session.

The leaders and experts pays a visit to the exhibition.

Liu Ting, Vice-president of our institute delivers her speech.

One corner of the exhibition of works of students fromSuzhou Art & Design Technology Institute.

Vocational education reform session (left)

Visual transmission design session (right)

Environmental art design session (left)

Digital media & product design session (right)

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