The conference of "the heritage people of Chinese intangible cultural heritage’s study and training program work summary" was held in Suzhou Arts and Design Technology College

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In January 13, 2016, "the heritage people of Chinese intangible cultural heritage’s study and training program work summary" was held in our college. Party members of the Ministry of culture, vice minister Xiang Zhaolun attended the meeting. Total of 260 more than persons attended the meeting. They were from the Ministry of culture, Heritage division, Ministry of education higher education division, China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) cultural department (bureau) of leadership and intangible cultural heritage protection and management department, the pilot colleges and universities, colleges and universities which had been in the selection of the new training workshop training program, design enterprises represent. The conference was hosted by Ma Shengde- the Ministry of culture Intangible Cultural Heritage Department inspector.

Deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of education, deputy secretary Ding Xiaochang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Director Ding pointed out that Jiangsu had a wealth of traditional arts and crafts and intangible cultural heritage resources. Higher education played an irreplaceable role in promoting cultural heritage and innovation. For a long time, the provincial education department has fully supported and promoted the development of cultural heritage and innovation in Colleges and universities, giving full play to the role of the carrier of excellent cultural heritage, heritage and protection of intangible cultural heritage. Director Ding showed the Provincial Department of education will continue to support related college innovative personnel training mechanism, improve the level of the intangible cultural heritage, meticulous organization, strengthen coordination and recommend to meet the conditions of colleges and universities and design enterprises. The provincial intangible cultural heritage groups training plan is in formulation and the non Heritage Inheritance people training works will be adopted into the normal work.

Suzhou Vice Mayor Wang Hongju , Deputy director Liu Guiqin of the Ministry of education and higher education department, Heritage division director Li Xiong of Ministry of culture also delivered the speech. The corresponding colleges and universities representative, design business representatives, the pilot colleges and universities where the province (city) in culture department (bureau) representatives, newly elected representative institutions, representatives of businesses and ministries and agencies on behalf of its field also showed their views. Delegates on intangible cultural heritage protection and training learning launched a lively discussion. The leaders of the Ministry of culture made a positive response to the delegates.

College party secretary Wang Jianliang professor made an entitled statement "Suzhou arts and design technology college’s practice and innovation in intangible cultural heritage protection and inheritance ," at the meeting. As the China's first established arts and crafts in higher vocational colleges, colleges shoulder the mission of cultural inheritance innovation, in the tradition of "stunt" creative talents culture, make active service to the local economic and social development. In the inheritance and innovation of arts and crafts, based on Suzhou characters in living state tradition.

Non-material cultural heritage protection and heritage work has showed a diversification of academic education and non genetic diversity training, inheritance pattern characteristic.

In the continuous exploration formed cultured descendants of Arts and crafts of "Zhenhu mode" and "Taohuawu mode", "Leishan mode" and “masters studio "mode , which effectively promote the heritage of traditional handicraft industry of intangible cultural heritage and art development. In addition, the college also has the construction works of resource library called “hundred technique record”, which will protect national survival art, remember hundreds of workers’ names, cultivate innovative transmission of intangible cultural heritage, implementation of vocational education and cultural heritage project two-way interactive, collaborative development, preservation, transmission, dissemination, innovation of non material cultural heritage. Secretary Wang Jianliang also introduced college’s current training works and works of different provinces. As an only college to participate in the pilot work of colleges and universities of the Ministry of culture approved by Jiangsu Province, college carried out special training to common heritage groups the traditional skills intangible cultural heritage(120 "embroidery" and "carving" practitioners) to; held inter provincial training 60 non genetic heritage people from Guizhou and non genetic heritage people from Hainan which was commissioned by the Ministry of culture. The pilot work of our college achieved good results and highly praised by the Ministry of culture, heritage division, which will lay a good foundation to start the next step training.

Xiang Zhaolun, Vice Minister of culture, made an important speech at the meeting. The objectives and requirements of the training program and the revitalization of the traditional crafts. He stressed that the intangible cultural heritage protection work was to uphold the protection and ecological protection into modern life. The Ministry of culture will publish "Chinese intangible cultural heritage study heritage people training training plan (2016-2020)". On this basis, the Ministry of culture and the Ministry of education will gradually expand the scope of participation in the next five years, to encourage more colleges and universities and design companies and related units to participate in the program. Training program is implemented by the Ministry of culture and the Ministry of Education, which divided into three levels of training, learning and universal training. Training programs focus on "strong foundation, increased scholarship, expand the horizons", aimed at through the organization of training and learning, training help intangible cultural heritage groups to improve cultural and artistic accomplishment, aesthetic ability, innovation ability, in adhering to the traditional values without losing the foundation, enhance expression of Chinese traditional art, to improve the traditional technique design, production and development of derivatives the level, thereby improving the overall level of intangible cultural heritage protection, and realize the intangible cultural heritage in the sustainable development of modern society.

Since April 2015, the Ministry of culture started and completed the training, learning and popularization of pilot training work, commissioned 23 universities and one design enterprises, held nearly 35 popularization of training courses and seminars, seven learning program was initiated, training about 1800 heritage people. On the basis of the successful experience of the pilot, in November 2015, the ministry of education and the Ministry of culture jointly issued the "Notice on the implementation of China's intangible cultural heritage and cultural heritage of the people of the training program ". The conference is held, also marks the formal implementation of the training program in the country.

Vice Minister of culture Xiang Zhaolun attended the meeting and made an important speech

Intangible Cultural Heritage Department Director Li Xiong of Ministry of culture made a speech

Inspector Ma Shengde of Intangible Cultural Heritage Department of Ministry of culture presided the meeting

Liu Guiqin, deputy director of the Department of higher education of the Ministry of Education made a speech

Ding Xiaochang, deputy director of the Provincial Department of education made a speech

Wang Hongsheng, vice mayor of Suzhou City made a speech

College party secretary Wang Jianliang professor made an entitled statement "Suzhou arts and design technology college’s practice and innovation in intangible cultural heritage protection and inheritance "

Xiang Zhaolun, Deputy Minister of the intangible cultural heritage visited the heritage and protection shows

Delegates visited the Exhibition of intangible cultural heritage protection

Conference scene

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